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Buying a House? Don’t Pay Your Realtor!

Did you really just read that correctly? Yes, absolutely yes. I am not talking about selling your home I am talking about buying a home. You see, I am running into more and more buyers who don’t realize that using a Realtor is absolutely free to you. Did you know that?

Let me help set the record straight. Sellers pay real estate commission, buyers don’t. It’s that simple. When you are the buyer, your Realtor is paid by the seller. You pay nothing.

So, does that change things for you? It should. Stop using Zillow,, Trulia etc. to look for homes. Have a Realtor that you trust put together a Multi-List search that will show you homes for sale in real time that meet your criteria.

It is perfectly ok to use a Realtor to show you homes and help you understand the market. You get their expertise for free so take full advantage of it.

What should you look for in a Realtor to represent you as a buyer’s agent? Great question…

  1. One that is a Full Time Realtor and doesn’t do anything else ‘on the side’.

  2. One that has your best interest at heart and is not continually trying to get you to buy more or spend more.

  3. One with the heart of a teacher.

  4. One that is professional. They are on time and communicate regularly.

  5. They answer when you call, text or email.

Don’t go out alone and try to figure this out as you go. You have too much at stake and the cost of your learning could be in the tens of thousands.

Happy House Hunting!

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