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Selling your house in winter? Really? Does that make sense?

Would you buy this house in the snow?

There is a general consensus that the real estate season is from Spring to Fall. You may have heard this or even subscribe to this concept yourself. The truth is that there is no real estate season. Even in Pittsburgh!

Today is such a great example. Snow, everywhere. However, last night I listed a home for sale. It is beautiful, organized and staged. Professional photos were taken and it literally looks like a model home. That is key and can be done regardless of the time of year.

Most people think, “I will just wait for Spring.” I get that. The truth is that most people do which perpetuates the myth that Spring is the best time to sell your home. However consider this…If you sell today…In the snow…Your house is the only house for sale. If you wait for Spring…With everyone else…You have tons of competition and sometimes on the same street!

Let’s be real for a second. We rarely get to decide when we move. In many cases, life happens to us and we have to respond. Divorce, death, growing families, new jobs, new relationships and countless other life changing happenings often cause us to move.

When buyers are looking for homes in the snow, they are pretty much the most serious buyers out there. Why would you do that? No one in their right mind would kill time to get decorating ideas by looking at other people’s homes in the snow. Now, they may do that in warmer weather and they often do.

The home I listed last night has 5 showings schedule for the first day and it is not even noon at the time that I write this. So what am I saying you ask? It is simple. Do not let the calendar dictate when you list your house for sale. When you are ready, list it. Buyers are out there and the serious ones are the ones you want in your home anyway. Nosy neighbors are likely to stay by the fire. Homes that are priced right, organized, staged and professionally photographed sell fast and sell for more every single time. This is what I specialize in. Friends don’t let friends wait until Spring. Call or text me instead (724) 779-3613.

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