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Why waiting for Spring to sell your home will cost you money.

There is a strong perception that it is better to sell your home in Spring than in just about any other time of the year. Similarly, there are those who think that selling your home in December is just a really bad idea.

Here are the facts:

The single focus of a seller is to make their home attractive to buyers. You clean and stage your home in such a way to make a buyer feel that your home would be perfect for them. Taking that into consideration, when does your home look, smell, and sound its best? At Christmas time. Everyone is in a great mood over the Holidays. It is easy to fall in love with a beautifully decorated home at Christmas.

Another huge advantage to selling over the Holidays is that your competition is waiting to list their home in Spring. With no competition it will be a lot easier to get your full asking price. If a buyer is looking for a home in the snow wouldn't you say that they are pretty serious about buying?

Should you decide to wait until Spring you are sure to have several of your neighbors who are also selling. Buyers will then be able to compare to see which home has a nicer kitchen, appliances, bathrooms and of course, back yard. Unless your home is in the best location and has better upgrades than all of the other homes in your neighborhood, then you will have to lower your price to sell your house.

Sometimes in real estate it is better to zig, when everyone else zags. If you don't get the result you wanted, simply take your home off the market. What do you have to lose?

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